Saturday, November 17, 2012


The anniversary will take place exactly on February 18, 2013. I am still contemplating on how to celebrate this milestone. Do you have any suggestion? However, I have decided to publish three books to mark the event:
1. A collection of my daily quotes (first volume [A collection of 366 quotes, with corresponding  Bible verses, hymns and  suggested weblinks for the hymns] already published online as eBook [;jsessionid=FE537DE9AE219436969EB497AD64C820#] and printed book []). You can order for it NOW!
2. A collection of my weekly messages (first volume to be compiled by one of my pastor-friends).
3. My experience in the ministry in the past 10 years with people' s reactions. I need your reactions to be included there! Send your reactions to me through private message or to <>
The three books will be published online for people throughout the world to easily have access to them. Indeed, I thank God for this unique opportunity. I need your suggestions and assistance in celebrating the event.
You also will be celebrated in Jesus' name. Amen.

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